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The Owatonna Soccer Association (OSA) is sponsoring traveling teams to play in the 2015 Minnesota Youth Soccer Association Fall League for U10 to U14 teams.



For girls and boys born between 8/1/01 and 7/31/06 (or kids currently ages 9 to 13)

Fee per player: $80.00 Fundraiser: $30.00

New Player Uniform: $70.00 * (includes 2 shirts, 1 shorts, 2 socks)

* If replacement uniforms are required, please note on registration form.

Sign up for the Fall League will be held Wednesday, July 9 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the Owatonna Soccer Complex Pavilion (near Lincoln Elementary School). Also, there will be a fundraiser where each player will be asked to contribute $30. Bring 3 checks made payable to OSA – one for $80 registration fee, one for $30 fundraiser and one for $70 for uniforms, if needed).

If you wish to sign your child up for the Fall League but are unable to be present at the July 9 registration, you may pick up a registration form at the Walbran & Furness Law Office at 140 East Main (next to Federated). These registration forms need to be completed and signed by a parent and delivered with checks to the office or mailed to OSA, P.O. Box 169, Owatonna 55060, by no later than July 9, 2013. There are a limited number of scholarships available for parents who are unable to pay the registration fees and meet financial eligibility criteria. Any questions call Julie Rohrig at 451-3858, Dave Furness at 451-2810, or Mike Keller at 456-2440.

Due to a shortage of coaches we may have to limit registration in some age groups. Any children registering after July 9 will be given a lower priority for placement on teams. There will be a late fee of $10 for children registering after July 9. New OSA players should also bring a copy of their birth certificate to registration. All players should bring a recent small photo to registration.

Practice starts in late August and games are played on Saturday or Sunday afternoons from September 6 to October 5. Coaches, assistant coaches and team managers will be needed. Please let us know if you are willing to help coach or volunteer to assist with other activities.

OSA board members will be at the July 9 registration to answer questions.


Many times we focus on the negative or it is the “incidents” that people will take the time to discuss.

Accordingly, it was fantastic to get the note below lauding the fine sportsmanship and focus on fair play from two of our U12 girls’ coaches Cory Howe and Dom Korbel. Kudos to the both of them for practicing and teaching what is best for our youth and following the mission of Owatonna Soccer Association.

Once again, great job guys and as Dom said, it was just Cory being Cory and Dom being Dom!

Mike Keller OSA President

Todd Trout  OSA VP – Director of Coaching


To the Owatonna Coaches / Soccer Association:

On Monday May 11 I centered a U12 girls games in Rochester, teams ROC12GC301 vs OWT12GC301.  It was a cold, rainy, dreary evening.  Parents were bundled up & under umbrellas.  Player equipment included hats & mittens.  Far from what I would call ideal soccer weather.  In spite of the weather I thoroughly enjoyed this game.  Both teams played hard and fair.  There were a few fouls called, but nothing beyond what I refer to as careless (or perhaps clumsy).  What made this game so special was the coaches, specifically the Owatonna coaches.

The Owatonna coaches names are Cory Howe & Dom Korbel.   Both coaches set great examples of what a coach should be.  They encouraged their players.  They were sideline cheerleaders, but not once did I hear them shout anything that could remotely be viewed as negative or even give the girls any strategic direction.  They may have talked & discussed points on the sidelines when players were not on the field, but simply put they let their players play & they cheered their efforts, even if their execution wasn’t there.  This is special in itself, but they didn’t limit their praise to their own team.  Good play and effort by the Rochester players were also acknowledged & praised.

Some examples of their special behavior are as follows.

·         A Owatonna player had a breakaway.   From my perspective she got anxious & instead of dribbling into the box & shooting she shot way early & missed 3-4 yds wide.  The coaches response was …  “Great effort.:  You had the right idea to shoot for the corner.”

·         Although there are clearly players with significantly more skill than others, every 7.5 minutes a mass substitution occurred.  Excluding the goalie everyone played pretty much the same amount of time.  My interpretation was his message was playing the game & having fun is more important than winning. 

·         Multiple passes were made to the “correct” open player, but many times the passes were behind the player, or too hard or soft.  Their responses were always positive.  Something like …  Way to go.  Close, good idea.  Good pass, you made the right decision.  Etc… 

·         On multiple occasions a Rochester player would make a great play against his team.  They would quickly praise the Rochester player for their efforts shouting out the players # if it could be seen.  Examples included not only good saves by the keeper, but defensive stops, cross-field passes, etc.  They were vocal enough that this praise could easily be heard by all of the players & I saw several Rochester players smile at hearing another coach acknowledge their play & effort.

·         After the game which Owatonna won 3-0, the 1st statement made by the one coach was, “Great game.  #12 played some great D.”  #12 was a Rochester player.

This is my 11th year reffing.   In these 11 years I have centered literally hundreds of games.  For travelling we are required to fill out an OATHS form evaluating the Coaches, Spectators, & Players.  Prior to Monday night I may have graded a Coach as a “5” maybe 2 or 3 times.  The example the Owatonna coaches provided has now set a standard so high that the default of “4” will seem to me as being gracious to every other coach I ref this year.  Unfortunately it is rare that coaches are cheering, praising, & encouraging their team and their opponent players.  Effort is what counted in their eyes, not execution.   Letting the girls have fun was clearly a priority over winning.  Granted winning can be fun, but at that this age & skill level there are many more things more important than winning & these coaches set an example to their own players of what true sportsmanship really is.

Note.  After the game my AR1 came up to me and stated the these coaches were great.  Constantly cheering and encouraging both teams.  So my view was not alone.

Art Disque

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Donations over seas!

Kibera Mighty Lions

Owatonna Soccer Association,

Thank You for the donations! As you can see we are wearing our new boots, new jerseys, new shorts, new socks, and our new pennies! We were sincerely touched with all of your generous donations!  In total we received more then 50 pairs of boots, 10 shorts, 7 jerseys, 10 pairs of socks, one ball bag, and 20 pennies!!

Again thank you very much for all of your love and support!

Asante sana (Thank you very much) 

Kibera Mighty Lions