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Owatonna Soccer Booster Club 2020 Winning Tickets

Prize Winner # Ticket #
$2500 (1 prize) 1 1120
$1000 (2 prizes) 2 177
  3 1183
$500 (10 prizes)


  5 1204
  6 1062
  7 1017
  8 861
  9 1048
  10 1090
  11 286
  12 658
  13 793
$250 (15 prizes) 14 1463
  15 14
  16 677
  17 995
  18 1347
  19 523
  20 393
  21 1114
  22 704
  23 734
  24 1227
  25 264
  26 190
  27 74
  28 1454

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Owatonna Soccer Fields Fundraiser

Since 1997 the Owatonna Soccer Association (OSA) has been dedicated to promoting youth soccer for girls and boys in a high quality and safe environment. We have not added any soccer fields in Owatonna since the Owatonna Soccer Complex was built in 2001 despite the fact that the number of participants in our youth soccer programs (offered by the Park & Recreation Department, Owatonna High School and OSA) have increased since then by nearly 30% to over 1,500 players per year. Youth soccer in Owatonna has the most participants, by a substantial margin, over any other youth sport and is expected to continue to have significant growth. We presently have a critical shortage of soccer fields with only four small fields, two medium fields and three regulation size fields (all at the Complex) available for games and only a few other fields available for practice in Owatonna.

2020 Season

Parents - as we kick off the season I wish you all the best of luck. OSA's number one priority is to provide a fun, safe and rewarding soccer experience for everyone. As we approach each game please have the following in mind:

  1. The Refs job is to officiate the game as best they can.
  2. The Players job is to play hard, play as a team and have fun.
  3. The Coaches job is to manage the game, players and encourage his or her team.
  4. The Parents job is to cheer and support the team with encouragement. It is not to coach or ref from the sideline.

Remember - we are all representatives of our community despite the opponent. There are multiple instances where Owatonna will play another Owatonna team this season and into the future...our behavior at those games towards our own kids and parents should be a reflection on how supportive our community truly is.

Good luck!

OSA Board


Amazon Smile

OSA is excited to announce a new partnership with Amazon. In an effort to help support many aspects of our community and keep fees as low as possible, those users that purchase items on Amazon can purchase the same items via the unique OSA link. By clicking on this link before making your purchase, Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your purchases back to the Owatonna Soccer Association. We will keep this link on our homepage as well as tagged to our Facebook page. Let us know if any questions and happy shopping!